Friday , May 29th 2020
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Boker Hunting Knife Review

How many of you think top quality hunting knife when you think Boker? Yeah, me too. That’s why I was so surprised when I bought this Boker hunting knife while on vacation there. Since it was a quick visit, I didn’t have time to really look over the knife until I got home. Had I had time to really look it over, I’m not so sure I’d be doing this Boker hunting knife review right now!

One of the things I noticed in the store was that the blade was dull! Yeah, if you know me, you know a dull blade right out of the box is a big no-no to me. It usually indicates that the blade is not of high quality. To me, it means that the manufacturer either has a cheap blade or didn’t want to take the time and sharpen my knife at the factory. Kinda like they had better things to do. Personally, if a knife manufacturer can’t take the time to sharpen one of their knives, it makes me wonder what they’re afraid off or that they’re too cheap to pay someone to do it.

I would have liked to see the finger guard being more pronounced as well. If you look at the knife above, you see the guard is gently sloping. This doesn’t really keep your fingers from sliding forward if they’re all wet and you use a little too much force. I think a little bit more drop down on the bottom of the shoulder, or a deeper grind at the back of the shoulder to fit a finger would have made this a much safer knife.

Another thing that I didn’t like about the Boker hunting knife was the sheath. It’s a real beauty that has a nice and neat basket-weave design on it. The look and feel of the Boker sheath isn’t the problem, it’s the fit of the knife itself! The finger guard doesn’t fit the sheath well and it feel like you’re about to rip the leather as you force the knife into the sheath. Someone at the factory didn’t really take enough time to ensure a proper fit!!

Now, for the things I do like about the Boker hunting knife.

I love the design of the blade. One look at the design and you can tell this is one badass blade (well, it will be once you get it sharp!) Without a doubt, this blade will lend itself to becoming a camping knife, utility knife or even a survival knife.

The blade is 4.25 inches long and it’s made from 440A stainless steel. This knife is made in Argentina if that matters to you. This fixed blade hunting knife has a full tang and an overall length of 8 1/2 inches long and the handle is genuine stag. Hey, that’s a nice feature right there in and of itself! If memory serves me right, the Rockwell hardness is 55-57, or somewhere in there. Don’t quote me on that, but I believe that’s what I read somewhere. If such things really matter to you, I’m sure the fine folks at Boker will inform you.

I love the feel of the handle in my hand, it’s a nice smooth design. Well almost. Another little annoyance with this knife is that it feels like the handle is about 1/2 inch too short for my hand. My pinky rides off the back of the tang. I can learn to live with it, but if I have that problem, I can assure you others have it as well!

My knife has some very good character on the Stag handles. This is one aspect of the knife I love, real Stag handles and no two are exactly alike. A big thank you goes out to Stags all over the world for giving up their headgear to make knife handle blanks!

Overall, if you’re looking for a good all-around hunting knife and one that might have to do double duty as a survival knife should you end up lost, you could do worse than having this Boker hunting knife along. Would I buy this knife again? Probably. I’m a knife freak after all! I don’t feel like I got taken because the best I can remember, I paid relatively little for the knife. I’ve paid a lot more and received a lot less from other knife manufacturers!

My impression of the knife is that it’s just short of being a great knife. With a little more thought on design and craftsmanship (poor fitting sheath), the Boker could have been a great hunting knife. I’m personally disappointed in the knife design and quality of knife fit of the sheath because it was so close to being great. But that’s okay, now I have something to do on those cold evenings between hunting season and fishing season!